Acupuncture and Ovarian Reserve

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Jan 27

Dr. Jack Handlin

Acupuncture and Ovarian Reserve

Posted by Dr. Jack Handlin

Acupuncture and Ovarian Reserve

Ovarian Reserve, Ovarian Health & The Remaining Egg Supply

A woman’s ovarian reserve may reflect a part her remaining fertility potential.  Women are often told that the quantity of remaining follicles correlates to the quality.  Although there are many tests to evaluate the ovarian reserve, they not perfect, and can often only give an estimate. 

Some of the common methods to evaluate egg quantity and quality are age, FSH, antral follicle count, and AMH levels.

Acupuncture & Ovarian Reserve / Ovarian Health

Acupuncture and Chinese herbs focus on enhancing the quantity and quantity of follicles recruited and evidence is showing that Chinese medicine can enhance and influence the quality of the eggs remaining in the ovaries.  It is important to look at each person as an individual to evaluate fertility potential and ovarian health.

Acupuncture can benefit ovarian reserve by:

  • Normalizing and regulating hormone levels
  • Improving ovarian responsiveness
  • Increasing blood flow to the ovaries and reproductive organs
  • Improving follicle health, egg development and maturation
  • Helping to remove the build-up of environmental toxins in the body

Many factors can influence ovarian reserve quality such as diet, exercise, acupuncture, herbs, nutrition, emotions, and the environment. 

 The goal of our treatment is to determine what is the most effective and beneficial additions specifically for you.  I see higher success rates when selecting the most appropriate additions rather than including everything possible.  Finding the right fertility acupuncture specialist will help be helpful determining a comprehensive treatment plan.

Interested In Learning How Acupuncture Can Improve Your Ovarian Reserve, Ovarian Health & Increase Your Chances of Conception?

Contact US TODAY  to schedule an initial consultation and learn more how we can help.


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